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Are you Master of Your Social Media?

Social media is a fantastic way to interact with your existing readership and tap into an undeveloped audience. There are millions of potential subscribers, readers, and advertisers that can be...

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The Amazing Technicolor Journal

Like me, you might be taken with the GE commercial where the little girl talks in venerable terms about her mom, who makes trains that are friends with trees, and hospitals you can hold in your...

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Best Bet for Your Next Book Festival

For book lovers, authors, and publishers, book festivals are a tradition. They bring together all players in the publishing arena with the thrill of a dynamic, face-to-face event. For book...

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What are the Benefits of Book Bundling?

For book publishers, there is no longer a print versus electronic argument. Smart publishers offer a balanced mix and realize the value of providing their content in a variety of formats. The eBook...

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The Price is Right?

Pricing your book properly may be the most important marketing decision you will make as a publisher. The price you choose will determine your sales, revenue, profits and opportunities for long-term...

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