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Our Environmental Practices

Environmental responsibility at Sheridan NH means more than just recycling.

In the printing industry, there are many questions and misconceptions about what steps we should be taking to accept our environmental responsibility. Paper companies, the media, even customers tell us to use recycled paper, stay away from plastics and switch to soy-based inks. However, such trendy alternatives are not always environmentally sound or feasible.

Sheridan NH sees its environmental mission, in the big picture, as avoiding the waste of our earth's resources. We should recycle, reuse or dispose of solely for the sake of the environment rather than solid waste management. Our decisions should be based on life cycle analysis—that is, the sum total of every environmental risk associated with making, using or disposing of the products we create. Finally, Sheridan NH should operate with the knowledge that the best recourse is to conserve by reducing consumption.

The challenges we face are difficult ones.  At Sheridan NH, we invest in solutions, both big and small, that go beyond the trends to have a real and positive impact on the environment. We continue to explore other ideas, hoping that they, too, will fulfill their environmental promises.

Our goal is to maintain uncompromising printing standards as we evaluate and adopt practices that allow us to meet our mission of avoiding the waste of our earth's resources.

If you would like to discuss today's most pressing environmental issues or the specific environmental steps Sheridan NH has taken, we encourage you to call us.


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