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A Message from our Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to Sheridan NH. We appreciate your visit to our website, and would love to host you for a visit at our facility in Hanover, New Hampshire.

When you visit you will find a thoroughly modern company rooted in a long history. We are specialists in short run magazines and web printed journals today, but we have a history dating back to the 18th century when we were the in-house printer for the Dartmouth Gazzette at Dartmouth College. We are very proud of our heritage, including former employees like Daniel Webster and Nelson Rockefeller.

At Sheridan we have a terrific culture that is based in the Deming principles of respect, empowerment and statistical process control. We work together as a team to provide you with a top quality product in a cost effective manner. We use technology to our advantage and are also keen on bringing new technologies to you.

As a member of The Sheridan Group, we are part of a healthy company that has made substantial investments in plant, equipment and technology. Come up to New Hampshire and see for yourself.

Best Regards,

Pat Stricker
Chief Operating Officer


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