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Technology, printing and publishing services for an evolving world

What Do You Publish?



Publishing Services, Boundless Choices

When it comes to delivering content, Sheridan gives journal, book, magazine, and catalog publishers countless options and every advantage in the marketplace. Print?  Electronic? Maybe something customized to your business? At Sheridan, we offer it all.

We Know Your World

You’re a specialty publisher who takes pride in your work. Handing off “your baby” to an impersonal publishing services company doesn’t feel right. You want a partner who shares your approach, your goals, and your commitment to perfection.

 At Sheridan, we speak your language, understand your audience, and can anticipate your requirements. We take pride in our work too — printing, distributing, and digitizing journals, books, magazines, and catalogs — and we know what works. 

Helping You Grow

Emerging technologies have changed the face of publishing services. Traditional print is now just one of many different distribution methods. Publishers are incorporating electronic media to support reader requirements, discover new audiences and new sources of revenue. 

At Sheridan, we put all available publishing options at your disposal. Whether you want to go all- print, all-electronic, or a combination of the two, our technology-savvy industry experts can guide you through the process. We will help you explore new solutions, expand your reach, and boost your bottom line. 

Anchored to Long-Held Values

Technologies are born, platforms evolve. Publishing services companies come and go. But at Sheridan, some things don’t change.

Since day one, we’ve never faltered in our commitment to customer service. And we never will. Our culture of responsiveness defines everything we do and everything we are.

Let us help you navigate these changing times. Give us a call or email us today.